Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Breaking news out of the ACC

I got this from Phog.net:

Duke foul to be called on National TV!!!!!

Greensboro, (NC) Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner John Swofford announced today that a foul is tentatively scheduled to be called against Duke sometime in the first half of their game with UNC in Chapel Hill, next Tuesday, February 7th.

In a joint press conference with Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski, and ACC Director of Officials John Clougherty, Swofford said an agreement had been reached for a touch foul to be whistled on as-yet-to-be-determined Blue Devil player around the 7:00 minute mark during the first half of the game at the Smith Center.

"We are very excited to arrange something that hasn't been seen in our conference since 1998," said Swofford. "I want to personally commend Mike (Krzyzewski) for agreeing to this unconventional deal. We all know how reluctant he has been to allow any calls to go against his team."

Krzyzewski insisted that this move was purely a gesture of generosity aimed at rehabilitating his public image in light of recent lip-synching fiascos during several nationally televised games. "The camera did not catch me really uttering the BS-word during my argument with the official the other night. Those really were my lips moving but I wasn't really yelling the word. I'm sure our fans will understand."

"Mike is being a really good sport about this," noted UNC coach Roy Williams. "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to play them with a foul being called against their squad, and to have it happen here in front of the home crowd will be especially enjoyable for our fans."

Clougherty says that unless unforeseen intimidation happens during the game, that the scheduled foul should occur without a hitch. "It all depends on whether Coach K holds up his end of the bargain and promises not to harrass our crew that evening."

Clougherty also said not to expect any more fouls to be called against Duke this season, but did not rule out the possibility of another one being called in an exhibition game in November 2006. "The Duke AD told me that they are trying to schedule Marathon Oil for a pre-season game next year and we are in discussions about perhaps calling another foul against Duke in that match-up if everyone can come to terms."

The officiating crew for the Duke vs. UNC game will not be announced publicly prior to the game in order to protect their privacy. Swofford said he anticipated a media barrage and did not want the referees to be distracted from their big task at hand. "This is a big deal and a momentous occasion for the league. We need our employees to remain focused so that they can complete their jobs in what could end up being a very difficult situation."

Game Notes: If the foul occurs on February 7th, it will be the 27th foul called against the Blue Devils in their basketball history...........
UNC fan favorite Byron (Colonel) Sanders had a chicken bone removed from his throat yesterday, and is expected to be recovered for the game......
Dick Vitale and Mike Patrick will be handling the TV play by play for ESPN. Vitale says he has no idea what he will say when the foul is called against Duke but he has been placed on a prescription sedative as a preventive measure. (Patrick could not be reached for comment, and was last seen entering a tanning salon in Durham with a picture of JJ
A CBS 60 Minutes television crew is planning to attend the game to catch the event on tape for an upcoming expose on the Duke basketball program and how Mike Krzyzewski uses friendships and loyalty to advance his own agenda.

On a side note, I do aologize for the complete lack of posting recently. Everything has hit the fan at the same time and I haven't had the opportunity to discuss the many Packers and Jayhawks related stories that have transpired over the last couple of months. Bear with me, I'll be back in full force soon.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Real Men of Genius

I found this on the Phog.net Kansas Jayhawk message board from someone who stole it from the Tigerboard. It's good stuff. Hat tip to whoever wrote this piece but, if you've ever read a college sports message board regardless of school or sport, you'll certainly get a kick from this parody:


Reeeeal men of geeeeeniuuuus!

Today we salute YOU, Mr. Really Mad Internet Sports Fan

"Mr. Really Mad Internet Spo-orts Fan!"

Only YOU can fully appreciate the mind-blowing tragedy of a bunch of 18-22 year old athletes you'll never meet, losing a game.

"Don't you TAAAAALK to me about perspective!!"

While others are too preoccupied with things like real life, you take your anger directly to the place where it will make the absolute least possible impact: An Internet discussion forum.

"Loggin' on now!"

Your unique eye for logic allows you to sling turds of doom every which way, and then brag about how you were RIGHT as soon as one of the pieces sticks to the wall – regardless of how many dozens fell limply to the floor before that.

"See I told you sooooooo!!"

And if some idiot newspaper columnist has the gall to not be as incensed as you are, you unleash your fury down upon him with all the tenacity and mercilessness of a rabid pit bull with a tender buttock locked in its jaws.

"Total anonymity!"

So keep clicking away, oh Marauder of the Mousepad. Because when the results you so desire finally come about years from now, you can say it was because YOU demanded it."

"Mr. Really Mad Internet Spo-orts Fan!"

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

RIP Wicked Pickett

I've been extraordinarily busy with work lately and my posting has dropped considerably. For those of you who know me, my passion for music may be greater that my love of sport. As I drove home from work the other evening, the DJ on the radio told his audience of how Wilson Pickett had died of a heart attack the previous week on January 19.

Pickett was most noted for his superb "Mustang Sally" and "In the Midnight Hour" but his career was so much more than that. I had the good fortune to see him perform on May 4, 2001 at the 2001 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival where he was the second to last performance on the Acura stage. My friends and I were greatly intrigued by the addition of the soul legend to set the stage for Paul Simon to close the day. While he certainly obliged the audience by performing his hits, I most remember how eloquent his old voice still sounded after all these years. Truly one of the highlights of Jazzfest experiences.

I am somewhat concerned about the next generation of soul artists. We've lost a lot of our old school R&B and Motown singers and I don't see their legacies being carried in today's youth. There are exceptions of course but I can't help but think that we're losing a terrific genre of music.

God be with you Wilson and thank you for all the wonderful memories you've left with us.

Some great reads from Rolling Stone, Billboard, and BBC.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The words of Louie Armstrong

Do you know what it means to miss new orleans
And miss it each night and day
I know I’m not wrong... this feeling’s gettin’ stronger
The longer, I stay away
Miss them moss covered vines...the tall sugar pines
Where mockin’ birds used to sing
And I’d like to see that lazy mississippi...hurryin’ into spring

The moonlight on the bayou.......a creole tune.... that fills the air
I dream... about magnolias in bloom......and I’m wishin’ I was there

Do you know what it means to miss new orleans
When that’s where you left your heart
And there’s one thing more...i miss the one I care for
More than I miss new orleans

The moonlight on the bayou.......a creole tune.... that fills the air
I dream... about magnolias in bloom......and I’m wishin’ I was there

Do you know what it means to miss new orleans
When that’s where you left your heart
And there’s one thing more...i miss the one I care for
More.....more than I miss.......new orleans

God bless New Orleans!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Accolade for Rush

Not surprisingly, Brandon Rush has been honored as the Big 12 Freshman of the Week on the strength of his performance against Kentucky.

From KU Sports.com:

Big 12 officials announced Monday that Kansas University guard Brandon Rush was the league's Rookie of the Week. Rush averaged 16.0 points and 8.0 rebounds as Kansas recorded home victories over Yale (87-46) and No. 19 Kentucky (73-46). The freshman guard shot 57.1 percent from the floor (12-of-21) and 3-point range (4-of-7) in two games, with eight assists. Rush's highlight game came against Kentucky, when he posted his first career double-double with 24 points and 12 rebounds. He was 9-of-15 from the field in the contest. Rush leads KU in scoring (12.8 points per game) and is the top-scoring freshman in the Big 12.

Rush's honor is the first to be bestowed on a Jayhawk this season. And I don't think it will be the last. If he keeps playing like this, he may be in the NBA next season.